Sorter 30B1



Warranty: 2 years

Delivery time: up to 14 days

Price includes logo engraving

fugtbestandigt 6 mm og 12 mm baltisk birke-krydsfiner, FSC certificeret


Sorting boxes: 30 L

Bags: 1 x 40 L


6,2 kg

Packaged plastic-free, in a box made from recycled cardboard

  • Customizable
  • Lockable front castor wheels
  • Specially shaped lid openings
  • Coloured multilingual sorting instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy bag change
  • Distinctive design
  • CO2 storage material
  • Durable

The sorter fits into any interior – it is attractive and outstanding, at the same time modest and modern.
The customer’s logo can be engraved on the front panel of the sorter.
Due to the sorter’s special lid solution, the edges of the trash bag don’t show, and the bag is nicely secured.
Front locking castor wheels make moving easy and safe.
The product can also be transported when disassembled.

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    Container W4 affaldssorteringsstationen er designet at være tiltalende og intuitiv, motivere brugeren til adskille affald, mens det stadig er meget ukompliceret at bruge.

    Sortaider, skraldespand, sorteringsløsninger, separat indsamling af affald

    Reddot jury

    The Container W4 waste sorting station has been designed to be appealing and intuitive, motivating the user to separate waste while still being very uncomplicated to use.

    Sortaider, skraldespand, sorteringsløsninger, separat indsamling af affald

    Reddot Jury